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Cigar Humidor

American black Walnut cigar humidor created with hand-cut dovetails, Cedar lining and Ebony inlay.

Music Cabinet

American black Walnut with Oak.  This challenging piece was commissioned for a violinist who wanted to keep his sheet music organised.  Twelve drawers, made with hand-cut dovetails, Rosewood Cello peg handles and a decorative Oak inlay that creates a musical stave.

Music Stands

American black Walnut and Oak music stands for a string quartet.  They have adjustable height and angle for ergonomic use by individual musicians and each stand has a decorative inlay to denote Bass, Tenor and Treble.

Fitted Oak Storage Solutions

Solving a range of functional requirements, including a computer desk, printer pull-out, file cabinets, drinks trolleys, linen drawers, wine rack, step ladder and more.  This project was designed to take advantage of every available millimetre.


This modern study was made in a spray lacquered MDF with LED lighting and a contemporary Silestone desk.  Clean lines and contrasting greys worked well for this project.

Gents Dressing Room

Oak veneered shelving with a walnut edging, watch drawer and aftershave storage.  This walk-in dressing room used steel frames and simple lines to create the masculine, industrial London look that the client was after.

Epoxy Resin Tables

Rivers, fire and ice. Using live edged timbers like Walnut, Elm and Oak and adding pigments to liquid epoxy resin, mixing them before a chemical reaction hardens the coloured liquids to create a strong and beautiful finish.