Ben’s invention featured in Craft & Design Issue 232

Working with Wood

The well respected magazine Craft & Design featured Ben in issue 232 in an article titled “Working with Wood”. Craft&Design articleAlthough they chose to include a picture of a film star customer instead of Ben they did feature one of Ben’s inventions – the iWood-AMP. Here is a quote from the article:

“The iWood-AMP is a solid piece of locally sourced sustainable timber that is shaped to hold your tablet and to allow it to be charged whilst in use. This makes watching movies, catching up on TV, browsing with friends or sharing music easier and more convenient. Where the iWood-AMP is really clever though, is without the need for plastic, wire or batteries, it also makes your hand held device louder! Using a unique acoustic curve, ingenuity and nature, it amplifiesthe volume of any tabletwith a speaker on the edge. The significant difference in the sound quality and level is amazing!”


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